Online Shopping in KSA

Contributed modernity and power infrastructure of many countries in the field of information and communication technology in a quantum leap in economic activity have, and find some kind of conflict between traditional commerce and electronic; making it “e-commerce” more world languages ​​popular or so-called “trade default” which bounty so much as a kind of business dealings between and among individuals, or individuals and institutions, or institutions with each shopping in ksa

Well “e-commerce” many positive effects on the economic movement in general; terms of increased commercial traffic and trade among countries in the world, employing modern technology to service companies, institutions and even individuals, as well as expand the circle communicate rapidly among countries of the world.

Online Shopping in KSA

It is still the concept of “e-commerce” or online shopping in KSA is not common in the form required, although the surge in the number of Internet users, but it is still in dire need of many ingredients of the most important; provide communications services strong and secure, and that is characterized by electronic payment transactions security features high, as well as the development of postal services.

The fear institutions and businesses from attacks on their most important obstacles that stand in front of e-commerce in the Kingdom, in addition to the lack of cadres in specialized bodies to create their own sites, despite the fact that e-commerce is one of the commercial activities affordable and stimulating for many small and medium enterprises, as well as young people who want to enter the business world through their investment projects, under the modesty of their capital, but poor protection systems in the current time is encouraging to enter into this field.

Weak awareness

The specialists that legislation regular e-commerce is incomplete at the moment, where it needs to enact many of the regulations that increase the effectiveness of e-commerce, as there is a weakness in the awareness of many individuals and institutions towards this trend technical talk, though only that there are many experiments on the ground in this area received a lot of successes, through some of the projects that have adopted it and proved the existence of the feasibility of investment real from the trade, may differ projects in reliance on this type of trade; there projects may not prove useful investment through e-commerce, but successful in the traditional way, and the electronic culture encouraged the community in the Kingdom of many overseas investors rushed to create websites to market certain products and brands.

We need to form a unified regulatory, legal and economic guarantees the rights of shopper and seller.

Concrete deal

He pointed specialists to that e-commerce is one of the aspects of trade talk by creating special website facility, but the reality of society requires to succumb to the inclinations, which prefers to deal tangible connection between the client and facilities service providers; given the guarantees offered by the trading direct, and the lack of confidence The majority community in e-commerce transactions and electronic payment of the main obstacles to the growth of this trade in the Kingdom, and is accompanied by a clear weakness in the regulations and legislation for e-business transactions.

Lack of cost

“The d. Faleh Al Sulaiman” – Deputy King Fahd University of industrial relations – that e-commerce contributes to reduce the cost for those wishing to enter the field of investments and the establishment of their business private like Souq com, where the investor has access to the largest number of customers in all countries of the world without the costs of recalls, indicating that the weak protection systems installations contributed to the weakening of the trade in Saudi Arabia, as well as customers’ fear of ways to deal with mail or indirect trade for ways of modern technology.

Simple projects

He explained, “d. Sulaiman” it is necessary to promote these trade in the Kingdom is the largest, and enact regulations and legislation that governed and framing its role properly and safely; gaining the trust of customers as well as investors, will not be only the intervention of stakeholders such as the Ministry of Commerce, and the Saudi Commission for Standardization and Metrology, which entrusted them a lot of responsibility towards organizing and directing e-commerce in the Kingdom, as well as the strengthening of systems security protection in this area, pointing out that despite the weakness of e-commerce we have, but it contributed to the activation of the role of women and encouraged them to be productive; through professionalism of some simple craft projects or other service.

Competent systems

He stressed, “Abderahman” – Secretary General of the Chamber of Eastern – that regulations and legislation relevant to e-commerce in the Kingdom are still incomplete, and unprepared as the full guarantee handled safely and comfortably from individuals or investors alike, especially the security of them and also systems that sets out the rights of each party, which returns naturally to the lack of awareness of its importance and its impact on domestic trade and its relationship to global trade, as well as the lack of capabilities by the majority of small and medium enterprises, adding that there were many of the local experiences that have achieved successes in this area, and has been able to prove that trade in electronic format has a lot of advantages in many ways, especially the costs and speed of dealing with the other, indicating that the Kingdom of the first countries in the region in terms of readiness in this area; but it needs to regulations and legislation that regulate this process is not.


The “d. Abdulwahab Al-Qahtani” – Professor of strategic management and human resource development at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals – that people’s confidence in doing business is still focused on dealing directly or concrete their confidence in it, as e-commerce is one of the transactions indirect, on the Although it aspect of the global trade deal, terms of payment, and the provision of goods; which increases – without a doubt – the rate of the national trade and helps local investors access to the largest number of customers around the world.

Real competition

He explained, “d. Qahtani” that e-commerce collide several obstacles most important of lack of awareness and other factors art related regulations and legislation, has no awareness of some but not ready e-commerce in the Kingdom in its entirety hampered the role and effectiveness as hoped, pointing out that there is no to now any signs of real competition between traditional and electronic Altjartin; due to the recent weakness of systems and lack of readiness, but rates rely on this trade is on the rise and with the improved regulatory environment will see a major shift.

Development services

He believed “Fadl Buainain” – economic analyst – that e-commerce in the Kingdom did not spread properly, and hoped although use large Internet in the Kingdom, but is expected to see Kingdom real boom coming in this area by 2015, noting that there are a lot of young women rely heavily on Internet commerce more than young people because they are most interested in e-commerce, calling for activating the concept of e-commerce or “E-commerce” is the largest, as the e-culture is the catalyst President to promote the concept, they need to develop several aspects related thereto of the most important the development of the telecommunications sector is strong and safe, as well as e-payment methods and make it safer than ever before and the development of postal services.

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