Online Shopping In Saudi Arabia

Online Shopping in Saudi Arabia : A shopkeeper fashion red carpet in front of his shop as no blood attractive models with beautiful combinations of colors in the display window, but all this does not help when customers remain in their homes and are reluctant to purchase.
Said Stephen Yost, chairman of the Association German textile industry «clothing sector in particular is based on enticing moments. This has caused the trend to the Internet, and private banking services via the Internet and online travel reservations and online shopping and online dating in social networks, down the people went out to the shopping in saudi arabia
In the past year, according to two clothing stores Bastkabbalhma to a small number of customers. A study of the Association of the German textile industry that shopkeepers say the low numbers of customers is the biggest problem in this year.
For his part, said Henning Krike president ‘Douglas’ fashion and accessories, there are now also drop in spontaneous purchases. Instead of a curfew in the store and attraction to the goods offered, consumers have become prefer to get information first on the Internet.
However, the Association «Pte estimates that online revenues in the area of ​​clothing and home textiles currently amounts to 6.6 billion euros (6.8 billion dollars).
Yost said «outfitters who have fixed stores are losing these sales made over the Internet, but the biggest gains online shopping strip at the expense of traders who are using traditional mail.
The decline of these companies that operate like traditional mail ‘sponsor’ and »Nickraman» clear indication. The online purchases are currently between 11 and 12% of the proceeds of the entire fabric in Germany.
Said Krike head company ‘Souq com‘ The sector is now in the «tragic disorders stage, where they are currently spending one euro out of every 10 euros on the Internet, which is money lost by shopkeepers fixed. He added that he expected to double this figure by 2020.

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