Souq Com KSA

That you are interested in advertising in the classified ad sites or interested in buying online you KSA site, You can use Souq com you can sell anything you would like to sell or shopping in Saudi Arabia or marketing for your products and you did not leave your seats at home in Riyadh, Jeddah or in any city in Saudi Arabia. Where is the location of the dot com market of the largest websites for buying and selling online. The use of the site is very easy.

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The Souq com KSA is one of the fastest growing sites in the world of online shopping in Saudi Arabia. It provides an easy way for people to buy or to sell online.
The Souq KSA ideal environment for buy Macitm or sell anything comes to mind and you did not you leave your home in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Qatif or in other Saudi cities.
Thanks to a variety of advertisements formulated in a way that is easy and simple and powerful performances that provide the consumer his money Souq ksa is a unique community where there is no room for wasting money.
The most important site management priorities are customer satisfaction for product and service provided to him and solve any problem that may lie ahead at full speed.

Souq com Features 

Diversity of the exhibits you have a great chance to choose Macit Souq com ksa where more than 210,000 diverse product include electronics, fashion, and home products, watches, perfumes, and other.
Winning the Saudi consumer confidence where attracts Souq ksa today more than 8 million visitors per month, and is growing up very quickly due to the increasing number of online shoppers in the Arab world.
Site allows multiple payment options as well as the replacement item, it acts as a retail location in addition to his work as a market for third-party vendors. The Souq com offers shopping experience comfortable and safe with the possibility of online payment, and the ability to pay cash upon receipt of goods, and the possibility of returned free of charge.

Souq Com

Established: Established Souq com in 2005.
The first activity: he was a pioneer in the field of online shopping in the Arabian Gulf as an auction site, Then, in early 2011, turning the site into a model market sell at fixed prices, and then launched the retail department in late 2011.
Owner: Arab and associated gate of the Internet, “Maktoob” When Yahoo’s acquisition of Maktoob in August 2009, was not a market. Com included in the deal, Maktoob to remain part of Jabbar Internet Group.

CEO: Ronaldo Mushahwar

Headquarters: headquartered in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates; also has offices in each of the commercial Souq com Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait; technical development center in Jordan.

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